After over 20 years of running a large real estate development firm in NYC as well as juggling being a mother, wife and philanthropist, Rose embarked on a journey to uncover the roots of well-being to create harmony and balance in both her personal and professional life. Hence, Rewire Me was born.

Now, as an internationally-recognized wellness and personal transformation thought leader, writer, trainer and speaker, Rose draws on her years of experience in both business and wellness to offer people transformative approaches for uncovering meaning, direction and balance in their personal and professional lives.

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Are your goals and aspirations aligned with who you really are? Are you ready to rewire your thinking?


Increase employee engagement and maximize individual performance through our corporate workshops.

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Our events are about transformation. We offer workshops designed for both individuals as well as businesses, each focused on learning how you can surpass your own limitations to achieve your goals.


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Our site has a wealth of information to enlighten and transform all facets of your life. I invite you to experience our resources on the topics of wellness, mindfulness, happiness, relationships, neuroscience and career and business.

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Our guided meditations help you to focus your mind, relax your body and manifest your desires. Our many mediations are available to download for both personal and professional training.


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