Creating Meaningful Change

I am passionate about giving back. Even the most simple acts of benevolence — the ones we think of as “random acts of kindness” or “no big deal” — are actually incredibly important. Giving, whether by donating money or our valuable time, strengthens ourselves and empowers our communities.

“I am proud to support to the below organizations. In addition, when you purchase  products on our website, you are joining our efforts to make a positive impact.”

Together, here’s how we’re creating meaningful change:

Help Rose Support These Organizations

The AHA’s Go Red For Women

Go Red For Women encourages awareness of women and heart disease, and promotes women to band together to collectively wipe out the disease.

Give To Give Foundation

Give to Give is a Foundation that provides scholarships to help people attend Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Progressive & Advanced workshops.

Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center

Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center provides specialized services to children with multiple physical and neurological conditions and disabilities.

Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons actively rescues cats and dogs as well as provides quality care and sanctuary until loving homes can be found.


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