How to develop emotional awareness

During the day, your mind will wander and thoughts will come and go. Whether it’s stressing about the future or dwelling on the past, it’s important to avoid getting sucked in to negative thinking. It’s important to recognize that thoughts as much power as you give them.

By focusing our attention inward we can observe our problematic thoughts and learn what triggers them. In this meditation, I will help you let go of limiting beliefs and break the habits holding you back.

Since this month is National Nutrition Month, I want to focus on negative thinking and emotional eating. As you listen to this meditation, I want you to think about how to develop emotional awareness–knowing what you’re feeling and why. The mind-body connection contributes more to weight gain and weight loss than many of us realize.

After you listen to this meditation, I hope you to start to feel a shift in your way of thinking.

And remember, be patient with yourself. The more you do this meditation, the more it will resonate with you and rewire your brain to focus on the positive.

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.

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