What Are You Bringing To The PartyIt’s the holidays and most of us will be gathering with friends and family and considering what we can contribute to a holiday party or other seasonal events. While we may be planning to bring a favorite dessert or special bottle of wine, keep in mind there is more that we’ll each be bringing to these festivities. We’ll be bringing an energetic contribution too.

Here’s an example; most of us have walked into a room right after two people had a heated discussion and we felt the tension in the air? You could cut it with a knife as the saying goes.

We’re feeling the collective energy of what just happened even though nobody has spoken. The collective room environment is based on the energy of each individual in that room.

Similarly, we can walk into a room and feel when something fun or positive has just happened. We may feel compelled to ask, “What?! What just happened?!” Then someone breaks the silence and gives the good news.

Another example of how our energy extends past our self has been documented by researchers at the HeartMath Institute (HMI.) They found when people touch or are in close proximity—there is an actual transfer of energy. The heart’s electromagnetic field—the most powerful rhythmic energy field produced by the body—can be detected by other individuals and can produce measurable effects in a person a few feet away.

Whether we mean to or not what we feel is being emitted into the collective environment. Our individual energy not only affects our health and perspective on life, it also contributes to environment wherever we are.

Knowing this means we can consciously choose to bring something extra to our holiday gatherings, business meetings, family time, etc. We can add a complimentary energy of coherent love, appreciation, care and compassion to any environment.

As we find ourselves gathering for holiday events, let’s bring our gratitude and our kindness, and let’s enjoy this time for deepening valued heart connections. The more we remember to refresh our own inner attitudes and balance, the more we’ll be contributing something truly special.

What-Are-You-Bringing-To-The-Party-2Your energetic contribution
  • Choose the appropriate attitude. Just like we choose the right attire for an event, we can also choose the appropriate attitude to add to the room environment. Ask yourself what attitude would be best for this event? Then hold that attitude in focus and carry it with you. It could be as simple as “be genuine;” it could be “I’m here to care and serve.” Or perhaps it’s “keep a gentle easy going heart.” Tune in to what is most fitting for each event and its unique circumstances.
  • Use apps like Inner Balance or the emWave2 to build a reservoir of coherence. Coherence is cumulative, so why not make a little time for creating a positive energy reserve to help you ease through the holidays. During this busy time be sure to schedule a few minutes each day to replenish your energy with a coherence session.
  • Call on your heart intelligence. When you’re focused in your heart center, set up an intention to catch things quicker. For example, say to yourself, “If I start slipping into judgments, drama, frustration or resignation I will catch it quickly and I’ll shift back to my heart and reset my inner coherence.” (Note: don’t be hard on yourself if this happens. We all face this at times.)
  • “Prep” your energetic contribution. You can prep (emotionally prepare) for events in advanced by focusing in the heart. See and feel yourself maintaining more personal balance in your interactions with others. To do this focus in the heart a few minutes before events. When you feel coherent in your heart, send gratitude, love and positive energy out to the gathering. On a friendly note—don’t be unrealistic about sending positive energy out. Keep in mind the attitudes of others have a lot to do with outcomes. However sending love and care benefits your system and can increase the ratio of positive outcomes in situations.
  • Take steps of the Quick Coherence technique for a quick reset when you feel you need to uplift your personal energy contribution.


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