CVS Pharmacy is jumping on board the wellness wagon to expand their already successful flagship line, and it’s called CVS Health. From my sneak peek at some of the innovative products, I could see the brand has completely revamped itself to reflect a focus on health and wellness.

During a conversation with Cia Tucci, vice president of store brands and quality assurance for CVS Pharmacy, I inquired about the inspiration behind the new line, products she’s most excited about, and long-term expectations.

What inspired you to create a new health brand product line?

After ending our tobacco sales in 2014, expanding our focus on health and beauty was a natural next step in the evolution of CVS Pharmacy. We wanted to approach the newly revamped CVS Health brand by thinking about our customers first.

We’ve committed to staying ahead of trends by creating products our customers either can’t get anywhere else or by making certain types of products more accessible via our 7,900 stores and via

What is the main difference we can expect to see with these health and wellness products?

We’re continuing our legacy of innovation to develop new products under the CVS Health name, as well as improving upon our core products. While many of the products and formulas already exist and have become part of the new brand, we are also investing in re-formulations and improving delivery methods to ensure our products offer the highest degree of quality and efficacy. Whether it’s broad-sweeping product changes and inventions, or modifications to packaging, every step along the innovation path is geared toward our customers’ interaction with our products.

All CVS Health brand products feature the CVS Health heart logo, representing the care we put into each and every item. They also contain applicable health benefits, efficacy and quality information clearly displayed on a clean, modern design to help customers confidently select the right products to suit their health and wellness needs. We want our customers to have confidence in the CVS Health line when it comes to quality, safety and trust.

What are some products you are most excited about? Any you’d like to highlight?

We have so many products in our portfolio that we’re truly excited about. A few that come to mind include:

CVS Health Whole-Food Vitamins: Most people assume they need a specialty store to find vegan and vegetarian products.  We’re proud to feature whole-food vitamins as part of our own line, making access more convenient to our customers.

Fluticasone: Fluticasone nasal spray was originally available only by a prescription, and more recently, only over-the-counter by one national brand.  We introduced CVS Health Fluticasone earlier this year to provide an affordable version of this popular allergy medicine. We were also first to shelf in the market with our store brand version.

Gummies (Hair, Skin & Nails; Fiber; Melatonin; Probiotics): Gummies have been a popular option for children to get the daily vitamins they need. Adults have also shown interest in this form. Our adult gummy and chew products include vitamins (like Hair, Skin & Nails), daily fiber boosters (for both adults and children), sleep aids (melatonin) and probiotics.

CVS Health Extra Strength Pain Relief 500 Mg Caplets, 500 Mg Liquid Gels: We offer aspirin-free, caffeine-free and gluten-free acetaminophen in caplet and liquid gel forms, with an easier to open cap option for the needs of our customers with arthritic pain.

CVS Health continuous sprays (sunscreen, muscle rub and calamine lotion): There are many products that traditionally involve rubbing in a messy cream that make for a less than ideal interaction between our customers and the product. After we brought the continuous spray application to sunscreen products, we identified the opportunity to bring this application to muscle rubs, calamine lotion and antibiotic sprays in order to create a better product experience for our customers.

What are your long term expectations for CVS’s new health brand product line?

We are very proud of the new CVS Health brand and the products in the line. Our objective is to create innovative products of uncompromising quality that meet our customers’ needs every day. We are confident that as customers experience these products, our commitment to quality will be evident.

We strive to provide a wide assortment of highly effective, proven products that help customers address specific needs in a proactive/preventative way. We constantly examine our products to see where enhancements or improvements can be made to stay ahead of customer needs and wants. We want the CVS Health products to communicate our commitment to quality, delivering products that customers can rely on for themselves and their family.

Here’s to their success in joining our mindful community of transformation!

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