051315_Breast-Cancer-PreventionToday is National Cancer Survivors Day, a day when people around the world celebrate their lives after cancer. At Rewire Me we celebrate, honor, and support everyone who has battled this disease for their courage, strength, and for sharing their stories with us. They are inspiring!

We’ve learned so much about how to deal with disease and want to provide insightful information to help keep you healthy. If you are battling with cancer or just want to bring awareness to your health, I’ve listed some good reads that will enlighten and inspire you as they did for me. Happy reading.

Cancer in Control? Think Again                                     5 Cancer Fighting Foods







Angela’s Decision:                                                             The Cancer Patient’s Date Night








Closing the Chapter on Cancer Girl                              Living With Cancer









In recent years, doctors and scientists have advanced our understanding of the role our genes and our lifestyles play in the expression of disease. We will continue to regularly feature stories like this and others to support you on your healing journey.



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