Dr Amy Myers

“I was failed by conventional medicine and it’s my mission not to have it fail you too.” Dr Amy Myers

I recently spoke with Dr Amy Myers, an expert in functional medicine and bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution, a 30-day program designed to prevent and reverse inflammatory symptoms and disease. Her dietary program, The Myers Way has transformed numerous lives around the world, giving people who suffer from chronic illness the tools to regain control of their health.

During our conversation, Dr Myers talked about why she pursued functional medicine and the inspiration to write this book. For many years, she had suffered from an autoimmune disease in her thyroid. Conventional medicine didn’t work, so she became committed to finding an alternative.

Dr Myers describes The Autoimmune Solution as her own personal health journey. She chose to focus on gluten, gut and autoimmunity; topics that she felt most passionate about and areas that most people wanted advice. Rather than identifying a symptom in one area of the body and only treating that, functional medicine looks at the body as a whole and searches for the root cause.

In her book, Dr Myers doesn’t endorse one form of treatment over another; people need to find the treatment that they feel comfortable with and always talk to their doctors. But the program outlined in her book also shows that we might not always require conventional treatment.

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