What are the chances?

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I’ve been thinking more about luck: are some people luckier than others? Do we make our own luck? Is there any science behind it?

When I think about lucky people, this story always comes to mind. A friend of mine broke up with her boyfriend, who she had been dating for years. Of course she was sad at first, but she accepted it was over and was completely ready to embrace the single life. Exactly one week after the breakup, she grabbed a drink with her girlfriends in the middle of the day, and went into a bar around the corner from her apartment. The bar was empty except for three guys. My friend sat down with her friends and in a few minutes, one of the guys walked over to her and they immediately hit it off. They have now been married for 10 years. Everyone who hears this story says, “What are the chances?”

What are the chances she found someone so soon? What are the chances she picked that bar in the middle of the day? What are the chances he was visiting a friend and picked that bar to walk into at that time? Was it fate? Was it luck? It’s fascinating to think about.

According to research, lucky people have one main personality trait in common; they are extroverted. When people are social, their chances of coming across a lucky opportunity increase. Think about it: outgoing people smile more often, are open to new experiences and trying new things, which makes them more approachable and able to connect easily with others.

Richard Wiseman’s book The Luck Factor claims lucky people have four main habits.

They are:

  1. More open to opportunities
  2. Connected to a large network of people
  3. Don’t keep to the same routines
  4. Have an easygoing attitude toward life

“Not only do positive expectations help people become happier, but they can also help make the most of difficult situations,” The Huffington Post reports.

This is great news for people who consider themselves to be unlucky. Whether you are looking for love, a new job, more money, whatever it may be – you have the power to make your own luck! And the first step is to be more optimistic and open to new experiences.


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