We’re excited to report that the 2015 Hay House World Summit series is underway, and the next batch of audio lessons and videos has just been released. These programs are packed with valuable insights and tips to guide you to rewire and toward discovering your best self.

This 20-day summit features 100 audio lessons and 12 videos with Hay House’s most popular authors and personal growth experts, such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Brian Weiss, sharing techniques for personal transformation. All 100+ programs are available for purchase at Hay House.

The experts in this new group include Lisa Garr, Miranda Kerr, Dr. Frank Lipman, Kate Northrup, and more. Here are the lessons that stood out to us:


Lesson: Becoming Aware: Making Your Life Your Life’s Work

KerrMirandaMiranda Kerr, model, businesswoman, author, and advocate, gives a candid talk about the basics of self-esteem. Mother Nature provides the setting for your own transformative journey to self-love—no crazy workouts or insane beauty products needed. All you need to gain Miranda’s glowing complexion is a daily dose of gratitude.

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Lesson: Building Self-Confidence from Within

GarrLisa215x215Lisa Garr is a radio show host and innovator, who has shared her message of a purpose-driven life with countless individuals. After a near death bike accident, Lisa began an inspirational path of recovery from a traumatic brain injury and began retraining her brain. She will guide you to restart your life living in the now and fulfilling your greatest desires!

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Lesson: Gut Smart! Learn to Use the Power of Your Microbiome to Create Better Health and Permanent Weight Loss

LipmanFrank-215x215Frank Lipman, MD, integrative and functional medicine physician, explains the vital role of your microbiome—the eco-system of bacteria that lives in your gut—and how it affects your overall health. Without the right amount of beneficial bacteria, your body can’t absorb important vitamins and nutrients, manufacture neurotransmitters, or perform other functions needed for optimal health. Learn the benefit of cleansing your body of “bad bacteria” as a way to promote health and weight loss.

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Lesson: Make a Life, Not Just a Living

Northrup-KateKate Northrup, author, speaker and entrepreneur, explains what financial freedom means, while sharing her transformative personal experience. She discusses how to create a healthy relationship with money, and the difference between obsessing over a number and having a life. Kate also suggests helpful questions that you can ask yourself to get you on the right track.

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Check out more speakers from Series 1 & 2 of the Hay House World Summit 2015 by visiting Hay House.

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