Technology to help rewire your brain

We all have addictions, and this doesn’t always have to come in the form of alcohol or other drugs. Spending too much time on the computer or TV, or incessant snacking, are all addictions and bad habits. But you can also use the power of technology to create healthier habits. Here are some of our favorite apps to help with that goal:


This app can help break your bad habits – from smoking and drinking to nail biting. Moreover, it aids in creating positive habits, such as regular a fitness routine, or meditation. Use their support groups and reminders to help you start new habits. Track your progress with tons of available data and graphs.


The best app for the visually inclined, Today has a beautiful display to help you achieve your healthy goals by switching cover images to customize your look. With smart check-ins, you can easily track your progress and create custom charts based on measuring unit and goal. Also, there are note-taking capabilities with the option to add milestones and to-do lists.

Way of Life

With a no-fuss setup, Way of Life helps you spend less than 60 seconds per day to follow, recognize and shift your habits. You can include short notes and organize your habits with specific tags, which makes your app feel a bit like a journal. You can also review your progress to encourage habit changing.


Track all of your habits and future goals in one place with this easy app. Strides helps you stay inspired and focused with reminders and attractive charts to assist  you in reaching your goals. Strides’ four flexible categories – habit, target, average and project – allow you to keep track of progress and deadlines.

MOJO – More than a Journal

MOJO is a fun, user-friendly, journaling app that focuses on recording gratitude. Based on the ancient traditions of mindfulness, journaling can rewire your brain and lead you to a happier and healthier life.

Things I Didn’t Buy

If you have an addiction to shopping, this app is for you. As opposed to most shopping apps, which track what you have spent, this app tracks what you saved. On the start screen, you can see the total of everything you didn’t purchase, and add additional items with a few taps. Change those spending habits to savings, with TIDB’s help to stop you from frivolous spending.

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