A popular saying in our society is, “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”  It certainly applies to your life. If life is worth living, it is worth living well.

We study subjects in school to prepare us for career and job. We learn about our trade or business to prepare us to professionally sustain ourselves. But where are the classes to prepare us for living life well, to live to our potential expertly? As long as you agree that life is worth living, you might as well participate in life consciously – so you are aware it is happening – and enjoy life fully. That is living life well.

Living well means experiencing life spontaneously from moment to moment in continuity, in reality and at will. That is meditation.

Living in meditation means taking charge of your life and claiming it as the precious gift it is. Consider your working life and the hours spent at work. Are there those who are bored but tolerate work just for a paycheck? To protect your life from such tragedy, you can train yourself to relate all actions to your conscious experience of Being. Each action, no matter how menial or mundane, can be seen as a way of experiencing the Being that you are. This awareness can free you from both attachment and repulsion.

meditating prayingYou will steadily expand and enhance the ability to express your Being, independent of conditions. Then, no work is seen as worthless or boring. It becomes clear that it is not the type of work that determines your experience, but how you relate to it. A worthwhile action related to without consciousness turns worthless, while a worthless action related to with real consciousness turns worthwhile.

When you act in consciousness, you act in relation to all forms of Being, in the awareness of what you really are: a self-knowing, interconnected Being. Thus your actions, in expressing that consciousness, are true to the wholeness to which you are integral. This manner of action – conscious action – is born of meditation.

In our society we live with much tension and pressure, worry and hurry causing anxiety, depression and addiction. The corrosive effects of these stressors break down our bodies and minds. All of this is unnecessary. You do not have to permit these unconscious stress-inducing ways of living to dictate your experience.

In meditation you can experience the beautiful power of calm and steady faculties – mind, body, feelings, emotions, intellect, intuition, senses – responding effectively to your subtlest directions. Instead of being distracted, you feel secure and confident in your own quiet strength. As you can gaze through the unruffled waters to the very depths of the tranquil mountain lake, so can you during meditation see deeply within your very Being.

How To Connect With YourselfDuring meditation you let go of the incessant involvement with the problems of work, relationships and passing events. You stop your worries and schemes. You detach yourself from the compulsive slavery to circumstances and conditions that tend to take life over. In meditation all turbulence settles down, the inner muddy waters clear up and the vision of the wholeness of Being pulls together. You become finely attuned, powerfully focused and wonderfully skilled and capable. In the state of meditation you experience that you are innately much stronger than you previously knew. You will see clearly what you really want and how to most effectively direct your actions toward attaining it.

Contemporary research has shown that our force field is strengthened and maintained in direct proportion to the strength of meditation. With meditation, brain waves become stronger and less erratic, more even, depicting a deeper level of functioning. The neurological system is then subtly balanced and acutely attuned while free of tension and stress.

In meditation you consciously dwell in the simple and direct moment of Being. You experience all your resources in harmonious integration and live spontaneously, skillfully and zestfully – at will – with balanced joy. You live life well.

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