The stressful flux of the daily grind (think: deadlines, to-do lists, commutes) makes it easy to forget how lucky we are to have the precious gift of life. Practicing the law of attraction can bring to light all that the universe offers us, and being thankful for every ebb and flow of life, from its joy to its challenges, will open the heart, teaching us how to live in the moment. To better understand how to manifest gratitude, try the following expert tips.

Practice makes perfect: Put gratitude into practice now and every day. Wondering how? Gwen Lawrence, yoga teacher based in New York, explains, “When you walk in the door when you get home, and your dog runs to greet you, thank him or her. Thank your house; or, when you climb into bed at night, thank your resting spot for bringing you warmth and comfort.”

Shift gears: Change your perspective. Lawrence says to “flip the script” and think: ‘I am lucky I have a job and will happily get this work done’ instead of worrying about that big meeting or impending report.

Thank others: Another way to apply the principle of gratitude is to thank or compliment someone else each day. “Think about something you have in abundance in your life or career and share it with someone else also trying to be great too,” she says.

Be present: When things go bad and they may, Lawrence recommends letting things go, being present and centering yourself. Feel your feet on the floor, your clothes on your back and give thanks for what you do have, can do, are capable of, the job you do have and not to obsess over the negative. “Most of the time, the positives outweigh the negatives,” she says.

You are what you think: Being positive brings joy, whereas being negative attracts negative energy right back to you. According to Lawrence, this power of the universe means that focusing our thoughts can create specific results. Try it on a small scale: Think about a penny and count how many times pennies are brought to your attention tomorrow.

Mary Sue Wallace, author of Becoming Wise, A New Hope For Humanity: Ushering in the Age of Genius, agrees: “By combining the powers of the mind with positive thinking, everyone has the potential to pursue their desires, achieve their goals, and make their dreams come true. Stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want instead.”

The subconscious mind works tirelessly to bring to you whatever it is you are directing it to bring, explains Wallace. Just as being positive directs the subconscious mind to bring you positive results, being grateful will bring things to be thankful for into your life.

Redirect negative beliefs: When you feel yourself being negative, become aware of it and reframe these thoughts. Making this a part of your routine will make your life more enjoyable. “Examine what it is that is bothering you, imagine the solution, your life without the problem, and focus on getting what is good for you,” says Wallace.

Gratitude is a thought and a feeling, which can be cultivated by bringing it forth in your mind. Set an intention to be thankful and focus your thoughts and energy on being grateful. “Understanding that gratitude will attract to you things to be grateful for gives you the incentive to do the work,” concludes Wallace. There’s no better time than this very moment to begin expressing an attitude of gratitude.

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