The Number One Benefit of Wellness CheckUps

While I won’t tell you my exact age, I will say that I am the George Clooney equivalent in the dog community (not to brag). What can I say? The ladies can’t resist the grey hair.

Being an older dog, I am more conscious of my physical health and do what I can to stay healthy. I eat right, walk every day and nap like it’s my job. The Caiola family also takes very good care of me and brings me to my doctor appointments, which I am very grateful for.

How often should you take your pet for a wellness visit?

On average, pets age five to seven years for every human year. So, the health of an 8-year-old dog is approximately equal to that of a 40-year-old human. Because your pets age faster than you do, it is crucial that they get frequent preventive care – once per year for pets under nine years old and twice per year for pets over nine.

Wellness exams detect disease early

“Dogs and cats will try and hide illness as long as they can, a trait that comes from their heritage in the wild,” according to Dr Graham Swinney, canine medical specialist and medical affairs veterinarian.

By taking your cat or dog to the vet for an annual or biannual checkup, you will learn what is normal for their test results. If the doctor finds anything abnormal over time, you will have enough time to give your pet the care it needs. The sooner you begin treatment, the greater chance for treatment success.

Dr Leslie Sirmons, DVM and companion animal general practitioner at Elgin Family Pet Center says, “Through routine wellness exams, preventable diseases like obesity, ear infections and dental disease can be addressed, and early screenings for arthritis, diabetes and kidney disease can be performed.” Sirmons adds, “The net result of routine wellness exams is early detection and prevention of disease, which means a healthier and longer life for your pet.”

I think I can speak for most pets when I say that we love being part of your family and want to spend as much time with you as possible! Because we can’t tell you how we’re feeling, taking us to the vet regularly is the best way to ensure we have a clean bill of health.


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