The Power of Mind Over Matter

We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking, but many of us underestimate the impact it can have. Research shows that rewiring our thinking can change not just our brains, but our bodies on a genetic level.

Think about it: why do some people experience chronic pain long after an injury has healed? Or why some are more prone to pain than others? Interestingly, pain is in fact produced in your head.

Neuroscientists are realizing that pain is complex and much more than physical sensations – there are several psychological and emotional factors that also come into play.

“Pain is always –100% of the time – created by your brain in an attempt to make you do something to protect your body, “ says Sarah McKay, neuroscientist, science writer, speaker, and creator of the website Your Brain Health.

Therefore, in order to change our beliefs about ourselves and what’s possible for our bodies and our health, we need to understand what our beliefs are and where they come from.

Oftentimes, our beliefs are misconceptions about life. If you don’t think something is possible, then you don’t believe in yourself and won’t be able to achieve what you want. The opposite is also true. If you believe you can reach your goals, you have a much higher chance of making them happen.

I’ve seen this demonstrated many times over the years. I’ve seen people walk into a workshop on crutches and leave without needing them. A dear friend of mine whose story is mentioned in Dr Joe Dispenza’s book, You Are the Placebo, suffered from a rare degenerative bone disease and was housebound because she was so afraid she’d break a bone. After she began working with Dr Joe and using his techniques, her body began to heal itself. How incredible is that? Her transformation proved the power of mind over matter.

Our beliefs aren’t always as conscious as we think they are. We may very well accept an idea on the surface, but if deep down, we don’t really believe it’s possible, then our acceptance is just an intellectual process.” – Dr Joe Dispenza

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.

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  • Simon Davidson
    Posted February 25, 2017 6:14 am 0Likes

    Your thoughts are very inspiring.
    Greatly appreciate it.

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