When you are browsing through the produce aisle in the supermarket, what’s going through your mind? How do you choose the carrots or potatoes that go into your cart?

Almost six billion pounds of fruit and vegetables are thrown out each year for their “cosmetic imperfections,” according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. As a result of these high aesthetic standards, 26% of all produce in the United States is tossed before it reaches the store. And with nearly 800 million people going hungry in the world, this isn’t just wasteful, it’s shameful.

My friend and culinary nutritionist, Stefanie Sacks, and food activist Jordan Figueiredo started a petition to save “the ugly” produce that is going to waste.

The petition is called What the Fork Are You Doing With Your Produce Walmart and Whole Foods? in an attempt to convince Walmart and Whole Foods to get on board.

The bottom line: Fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables don’t need to be beautiful to be good for you.

Show your support for their cause and save the #uglies with the #WhatTheFork hashtag on social media.

Rose Caiola
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Image Credit: Kristin Vogel

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