Has a doctor or health care giver made a difference in your life? Wellness professionals often give selflessly, and affect our lives in ways that are hard to measure. If your physician has helped improve you or your loved one’s health, reach out today, National Doctor’s Day, and show your appreciation.

National Doctor’s Day was first organized and celebrated in March 1933 by a doctor’s wife from rural Georgia, Mrs. Eudora Almond, to recognize all the contributions doctors make. She chose this date to commemorate the first surgery performed with anesthesia in the U.S., accomplished on March 30, 1842 by another rural doctor from Georgia, Crawford Long, M.D. The House of Representatives adopted a resolution on March 30, 1958 to celebrate National Doctor’s Day, which President George W. Bush signed into law on October 30, 1990.

The red carnation is the official flower of National Doctor’s Day, but anything you do from the heart, is the perfect choice. Send a handwritten note, a bottle of red wine, or some healthy food to his or her office. Showing gratitude is always appreciated, and can even improve your health.

Rose Caiola
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