There are many books on diet and health—all of which are helpful depending on what works for you. Kevin Gianni, founder of, and author of Kale and Coffee: A Renegade’s Guide to Health, Happiness, and Longevity, shares his journey in a humorous and practical guide on how to eat right and live better. His new book is told from a unique on-the-road perspective, providing valuable insight into the world of wellness.

Kevin Gianni experimented with all kinds of “healthy” diets—vegetarianism, veganism, raw food, and so on—none of which worked for him. This inspired him to take his research on the road in search of knowledge from health experts and regular people to find out what was working and what wasn’t when it came to healthy lifestyles.

In Kale and Coffee, he empowers readers to create a diet and lifestyle that works for them. He cuts through the confusion about current health claims and presents two paths to success: The first suggests simple changes to improve your routine; the second provides the tools to completely revamp your health. Kevin brings humor and simplicity into the conversation, I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading Kale and Coffee as much as I did.

Here’s an excerpt of one of many favorite parts of the book, where Kevin is about to begin a detox program with Alan Goldhamer, chiropractor and director of True North Health Center, who has supervised more than 10,000 water fasts since the clinic opened in 1984:

When we pulled the RV into town a week earlier, I never thought that I, the guy who turns into a blood sugar–deprived monster when he doesn’t eat every four to five hours, would be able to survive on just water. (The rule in our house is “Anything I say until I eat should be completely ignored.”) But right now, 96 hours in, I feel fantastic. Probably better than I have in years. I glide when I walk. I feel sharp, quick, as if I could finish a crossword puzzle in record time or beat you at chess. Maybe it’s an illusion, but whatever it is, I want more of it.

Alan tells me that what I’m doing is not complicated physiologically, by any means. Fasting is an age-old practice, done by humans for thousands of years. Jesus, Muhammad, and the Buddha all fasted. It’s the oldest form of detox.

But what Alan does at True North is a little more thorough than just drinking water for 3, 5, 10, or 40 days. (Yes, 40.) What he does is called a controlled medical water fast. But even with that more complicated name, the process is actually quite basic. He uses a simple analogy: By eliminating everything, which is what you do with fasting, it’s like rebooting the hard drive in a computer. You shut the thing down, you turn it on, and it’s amazing how much stuff just clears out.

Stay tuned for my full interview with Kevin to learn more about diets, health tips, myths and more.

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