Are you looking to be more environmentally friendly, but don’t know where to start? Many of us want to “go green” and do our part to help the environment, but never follow through. Why? Because we assume it will require significant lifestyle changes—when in fact, greener living only requires making a few small shifts in our everyday lives.

If you’re looking to be more mindful about your personal carbon footprint, you’ll get a lot out of this audio interview with Madeleine Somerville and Greg Voisen. In her book All You Need Is Less, Somerville offers simple, helpful tips you can use today to rewire your life and make a major difference for the environment.

There are countless reasons why we should go green and commit to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Not only will it decrease the impact of global warming and reduce pollution, but most importantly, it will create a sustainable earth we can all enjoy for years to come!



Rose Caiola
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