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We all know that being a good listener is an important skill to have, but how many of us actually practice it? Instead of processing what the other person is saying, we’re often planning what to say next and waiting for our turn to speak. Reflect for a moment on what you listened to today: Your favorite song on the radio? Your partner complaining about the mess in the kitchen? While those may be what stood out to you, there are many other things you may have missed such as your child laughing, your neighbor playing with his dog, or the talented subway performer serenading passengers on their way to work.

In this podcast interview hosted by Greg Voisen, Mark Nepo, author of Seven Thousand Ways to Listen, discusses the different ways we are asked to listen and the importance of letting our intuition guide us. Nepo describes listening as a spiritual practice, one which can provide deep insights and guidance. If we can learn to be mindful, we’ll be more open to receiving the messages we need to hear.


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