Color-Your-Way-To-MindfulnessReflecting back on my early childhood, I can remember times when I felt carefree and all was well with the world. Everything was so simple back then—my biggest concern being to eat my ice cream before it melted. It didn’t take much to make me happy, and living in the present moment was effortless. Unfortunately those days were short lived as the pressures of adolescence creeped in. As an adult I’ve often searched for ways to recapture that mindful place.

Today there are all kinds of techniques and practices dedicated to increasing our awareness. One of the most recent mindfulness trends that has caught my attention is adult coloring books. When she was two, I bought my daughter her first coloring book. Many times when I would sit and color alongside her, I remembered how much I liked it, and felt soothed by the mere act of coloring. So I was thrilled to come across coloring books designed specifically for adults.

Best of all, you don’t need to be an artist to enjoy coloring. These books were created for people of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking to de-stress or get those creative juices flowing, check out a few of these popular adult coloring books:

Mom Books promote color therapy, providing an outlet for creativity and relaxation. Founder Michael O’Mara claims that his books allow the reader to enter state of “flow”—becoming so engaged in the coloring experience, that you lose all sense of time.

Creative Haven offers a diverse selection of books with themes ranging from modern mandalas and abstract designs, to animal and floral mosaics.

The Mindfulness Coloring Book: Anti-stress Art Therapy for Busy People by illustrator Emma Farrarons helps adults find a sense of peace and calm through the practice of mindful coloring.

Excited to start coloring? Me too!

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.

Image Credit: Kristin Vogel

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