I’ve often started my day with a good cup of coffee, because it’s the perfect morning pick-me up. New research shows that it may help “pick up” something else in the bedroom, too, and I’m not referring to the dirty socks on the floor. Consuming a moderate amount of caffeine daily just may help men with erectile dysfunction (ED). Yes, you read that correctly.

In a study with 3700 men, done as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), researchers reported that men who consume between 85 and 303 mgs of caffeine each day were about 40% less likely to suffer from ED than men who get 0-7 mgs of caffeine daily. It seems that the caffeine increases overall blood flow to the penis because it relaxes some arteries and muscles in the male member. This was true regardless of health, except in men with diabetes.

Caffeine is found in many beverages, including coffee, soda, some sports drinks and energy drinks. Caffeine content can vary depending on the coffee used, and I’m happy to say, Starbucks leads the pack. A typical 12 oz. tall size is all you need. It’s got 260 mg! But don’t overdo it, though. Too much coffee can cause the heart to race, and not in a romantic way. The beneficial effects of caffeine on ED decline once you consume more than 303 mgs.


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