Find your heart’s center

People often talk about what they truly want, but they don’t know how to get there. The trouble is, they may be unconsciously blocking what they want, by worrying about what they don’t already have. Sometimes we need to ignore our thoughts, by quieting the mind and accessing the heart.

Here’s a practice to try to uncover your deepest desires:

Start by creating a target of all the things you want in your life, and post them on one side of the room. These may include words such as love, happiness, peace, health, abundance, joy, etc. Then create an equal target of all the things you don’t want and post it on the other side of the room. The list may include words such as hatred, prejudice, anger, divorce, fighting, disease, etc.

Observe and notice what your mind focuses on most of the time, walking with your words, thoughts and actions. You may tend to find you actually end up talking to the words you don’t want. We tend to create drama in our relationships when all we truly want is peace, love and harmony.

So, why exactly do we do this? Because we’re reacting with our minds, instead of getting centered and coming from a place of action within our hearts.

Swami Prabhavananda said it beautifully in the book, How to Know God: “If the body is thought of as a busy and noisy city, then we can imagine that, in the middle of this city, there is a little shrine, and that, within this shrine, the Atman, our real nature, is present. No matter what is going on in the streets outside, we can always enter that shrine and worship. It is always open.”

If we make our decisions from our chaotic minds, we’re obviously going to create chaos in our lives. However, if we take a moment to get centered and check in with our “little shrine” in our hearts, we envelope the creativity, intuition and wisdom that is already there to help us make our decision. The light energy from a Kyanite bracelet can help send you on the right path.

When we are “in our heads,” we get cut off from our hearts. But when we take a moment to access our hearts, we are more able to use our heads wisely. It is then that we have access to intelligence and wisdom, compassion and discernment, thinking and feeling, and are better able to make choices that lead to where we want to go.

How to Practice at home:

  • Create your targets: what do you want, and what do you not want?
  • What’s most important to you? Better known as your “bull’s eye?”

Tools such as Melody Beattie’s book, Journey to the Heart, offer daily meditations to help you discover your deepest purpose.

  • Practice mindfulness toward where you are heading.
  • Remember what you actually want. Breathe. Sometimes all it takes is a breath to change your course.

Just like the Law of Attraction, we need to align everything with what we want: our words, thoughts and actions to reach our target. All we need to do is take a few seconds or minutes to get grounded and centered, to access our “shrine” before reacting to make a decision that aligns with our highest desires.

This also holds true for relationships, especially when you want a new one or want to change how a current one is going. Always follow the heart, not the mind, and let it be your guide.



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