Make commitments, not resolutions. Take reasonable steps to get where you want to go.  —Pedram Shojai

Mental exercises help build new brain cells and strengthen the connections between them, which is why I find it beneficial to challenge the brain with new activities every week. This week, I’ve decided to share a few quotes to stimulate your mental, physical, and spiritual health all year long! Our Rewire Me experts share their best tips for how to start the year off right and keep going strong.

At the start of each year, many of us reflect on what we want to change and what we can do to improve our lives. And while I believe it’s important to be introspective, I think creating New Year’s resolutions often sets us up for failure and disappointment. With resolutions, we come up with a goal—lose weight, quit smoking, drink less, make healthier relationship choices, whatever it may be. Then after a few weeks we give up and feel even worse than when we started. It’s sadly a cycle that continues year after year.

However, if you reframe your perspective and start to think in terms of setting an intention, you will increase your chances of success. I recently spoke with Pedram Shojai, former Taoist monk and founder of, who shed light on the steps to finding inner peace. Pedram explained the importance of setting small achievable goals. As you accomplish each goal, you will build the momentum you need to go the extra mile.

Take it from the experts and choose one of the following intentions to set this year!


Rose Caiola
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