Mother’s Day is around the corner, and most of us are looking for just the right gift. To help you find something special for Mom, I’ve compiled my list of top picks for Mother’s Day and tailored gifts to fit moms with a variety of tastes:

luli-tonix-2141. Juicing Mom

If your mom cares about wellness and loves a healthy drink, consider LuliTonix’s blended juice to provides nourishment and balance.  The Blendy Gift Pack is an excellent option. You can even use the promo code “REWIREME” to get 10% off the order total!


not-your-sugar-mama-2142. Chocolate Mom

Not Your Sugar Mamas Chocolate offers treats that appeal to your mom’s sweet tooth while offering her a chance to improve her health. Many believe raw chocolate provides superior nutrients. The promo code “RewireMe” will give you 15% off your total order.


niucoco 3. Spa Mom

Does your mom love to go to the spa? Is she someone who enjoys trying out the latest treatments?

Niucoco’s hair products, which contain coconut oil and provide natural benefits, would be a perfect fit. The promo code “MOMDAY” will give you 10% off the experience package.


buddha-board4. Zen Mom

The Original Buddha Board will help your mom practice acceptance and letting go. This board allows Mom to paint with water on a blank board, connecting with her creativity while living in the moment. Each painting fades as the water evaporates, reminding Mom she is free to create and then let go.


rewire me tote bag5. Travel Mom

Do you have a mom who is on the go and loves to travel?

The Rewire Me Tote is a great way to make sure mom has everything she needs wherever she goes. It’s large enough to carry plenty of items and durable enough to take anywhere.


vita juwel water bottle6. Crystal Mom

Does your mom have an appreciation for ancient practices and the energetic value of crystals?

Wellness Gemstone Water Bottle with Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz & Amethyst will keep your mom feeling balanced, calm, and confident. This water bottle offers a new way to hydrate and access the power of crystals without introducing heavy metals into drinking water. . Using promo code “MOTHERSDAY2016” will give you 15% off your order total.


ArtNaturals Oil Diffuser7. Aromatherapy Mom

If your mom appreciates fragrances and understands the healing power of essential oils, ArtNaturals Auto Shut-off 7 Color LED Lights Changing Essential Oil Diffuser would be a great gift for her. This diffuser alternates colors and creates a silent change in the atmosphere with specific scents and oils. Mom will breathe easier and feel especially loved.


Sivan 6 Piece Yoga Set8. Yoga Mom

Does your mom like to deepen her stretch and balance her soul? If so, Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga Set is a thoughtful gift idea. This set includes a yoga mat, towel, strap and block. Customize this set to match your mom’s favorite color, and she’ll be so pleased.


Momstrology9. Astrology Mom

Do you have a mom who has a deep respect for astrology and numerology?

Momstrology: The AstroTwins Guide to Parenting Your Little One by the Stars is a book she’ll read in one sitting and refer back to frequently. The AstroTwins offer a contemporary look at parent-child relationships by using the ancient wisdom of astrology. This book will grab her attention and keep it long past the first chapter.


Rewire Me Bracelet10. Jewelry Mom

Do you have a mom who loves jewelry, seeks to understand the universe and is open to spiritual guidance?

The Rewire Me Bracelet would work nicely for her. This bracelet offers reassurance, comfort and light to those who wear it.


As you’re searching for a gift for your mom , think about who she is and what she means to you. Ask yourself if something on this list might bring her joy. Your mother will appreciate your gift with a carefully chosen card and a handwritten, heartfelt message inside honoring her this Mother’s Day.



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