It’s Monday morning and after the fourth time you’ve hit the snooze button, you jump out of bed. You’re  in a panic, skip breakfast, grab a coffee and rush out the door. You may look composed on the outside but inside you are a tightly wound mess. Many of us start the day on autopilot, not realizing how it impacts. Your morning routine has the power to transform your entire day. Commit yourself to a few new good habits and set a morning ritual into motion that will over time, change your life.

Here are five morning rituals that will enrich your life in more ways than one. It’s time to rise and shine.

Meditation: Ctrl + Alt + Delete

What is the first thing that runs through your head when you wake up? Is it about work or chores or the day’s commitments? Time to clear your to do list mind set. Instead of your ritual coffee, newsfeed and stress, we can carve out a ritual daily of serenity for ourselves, and in just a few moments, help center, ground and recalibrate. Start the day with a pause and manage your own consciousness. Find a quiet place, and sit on a chair or the floor. Set your gaze at something peaceful indoors or some greenery outdoors or simply close your eyes. Relax and take deep breaths. Say to yourself “I am joy, I am well”.

Scientific studies have proven that meditation triggers electrical activity of the brain that can ease stress and promote better health. If we train our thoughts, emotions and outlook to be more positive and life-affirming, our neurological functions improve, our immunity is strengthened, our blood chemistry is healthier and our intelligence is heightened.

Stretching: Flexibility

Just ten minutes of stretching is enough to help all of your vital organs, including your heart. Men tend to have tight leg muscles and often suffer from back pain. Stretching can improve your range of motion and fluidity within your joints by mobilizing the spine and the surrounding soft tissue. To prevent muscle injury, lie on your back with your ankle on the opposite knee, as you hug your thighs into your chest. This stretch will open up the glutes and tightness in the lower back.

Men are also often tight in their shoulder, chest and neck areas from computer usage. Opening the joints and balancing the muscles around the joints will alleviate this, plus create better breathing and posture. When stretching, remember to start slowly and exhale as you stretch each muscle group. Hold each stretch between ten and 30 seconds.

Spirit Journal: Goal Tracker

Keeping a journal is a good way to reflect on one’s spiritual journey on this planet and observe one’s maturity of consciousness. All you need to do is jot down a few key points about your meditation session, life or thoughts. The main thing is to be consistent and incorporate it into your daily routine. A morning journal will help you track whether the goals in your life are running parallel with your daily thought and intention.

Exercise: Uplift 

Exercising in the morning is a good way to wake up your nervous system and get your metabolism fired up for the day. If your goal is to get strong, or gain lean muscle mass, do your weight training before your cardio. Do some form of strength training on a weekly basis, this is best first thing in the morning.

Breakfast: Nutritious Combo

One of the worst habits we see in men with busy schedules is skipping breakfast. Harvard University found that men who skip breakfast are 21% more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes than those who have it daily. Have a low carb breakfast with protein including high fat foods like nuts, oils and avocado. As breakfast is your first meal of the day, your body will absorb the most nutrition from it and get you ready for the day.

Papa Glow: 5 Morning Rituals that will Enrich Your Life” by Latham Thomas was originally published on Mama Glow. To view the original article, click here.


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