121015_Invent-Your-Own-HolidayHanukkah. Christmas. Ramadan. Kwanzaa. New Year’s. Baptism. Marriage. Graduation. You may have participated in one or more of these celebrations during the year. But so did millions of other people.

How about stepping away from the crowd to invent your own holiday? One that has special meaning for you and a few select guests. An event catering to your particular interests… your passions…even your obsessions.

It’s easy to determine what to celebrate; just think about what fires you up the most. Make a list of people you like who share your interest. Then comes the fun part: designing a party or even an entire day that allows you and your guests to indulge with abandon in your passion.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Invent Your Own Holiday
Festivus (the holiday for the rest of us) was introduced on the Seinfeld TV show and later adopted as an official holiday celebrated on December 23. There’s even a book about it!

Television Tie-in. Wouldn’t it be fun to star in your own episode of your favorite TV show? On my own back burner is a Seinfeld party where fellow fans and I could relive what I consider the funniest TV show of all time. I would put the names of every character I can think of from the series in two hats, one for each gender. As guests arrive, they’d pick a character and “be” him or her for a designated length of time. As hosts, my wife and I would play Elaine and Jerry, of course.

Party Tip: a CD with a laugh track that could be turned on and off as punch lines are delivered.

Shoe Soiree. They say you can’t have too many pairs of shoes. So why don’t you and your friends put your best foot forward at a “well-heeled” party? Have everyone bring several pairs of shoes that you can all compare. Guests pick their favorites from a lineup and vote to determine “Best in Shoe.”

Party Tip: Serve shoe-shaped cookies and drink cocktails out of glass slippers (available at party stores).

Family Role-Play Day. Have your family members put their names in a hat and each pick one. They have to act like that family member for the rest of the day. In addition to being fun, this role-playing may provide family members with new insights about their relationships.

Party Tip: Make a video of family members offering comments to the camera as their “characters” would (à la Modern Family and The Office) and post it on Facebook.

Specialty Reunion. Reunions aren’t just for family members or graduation classes. Try organizing a group of co-workers from a choice era of your career, fellow players on a past sports team, the cast of a community theater production you were in…or any group of simpatico compadres.

Party Tip: Make a trivia contest covering fun facts about experiences shared by the attendees way back when.

The Take-the-Sting-Out-of-Bad-News Party. In his marvelous novel Crooked Hearts, Robert Boswell depicts the quirky Warren family, who had an interesting tradition: throwing a bash after bad news. When a Warren blew a science project, dropped out of college, announced a divorce, or endured any serious mishap, the Christmas lights went up and the dancing started. What better time to lift the spirits than when they’re at rock bottom?

Party on!

12 Strange But True Holidays

Here’s how to fill the gaps between “real” holidays throughout the year. (But don’t expect any paid time off for these offbeat commemorations!) Check out Holiday Insights for other strange but true holidays.

January 16      National Nothing Day

February 6      Lame Duck Day

March 3          If Pets Had Thumbs Day

April 8             International Moment of Laughter Day

May 14            Dance Like a Chicken Day

June 1              Flip a Coin Day

July 13             Embrace Your Geekness Day

August 6          Wiggle Your Toes Day

September 19  International Talk Like a Pirate Day

October 2        Name Your Car Day

November 6     Marooned Without a Compass Day

December 23   Festivus (for the rest of us)

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  • Brittany
    Posted December 18, 2013 4:20 pm 1Likes

    I so love this idea, considering I celebrate my birthday for a month. I also love shoes and bags, so I may create a day bag and shoe day.. lol will it be bad if I register at stores for this day…

  • Jerome N Patterson
    Posted November 1, 2018 2:25 pm 1Likes

    I would like to invent a holiday called, National kids holiday, which is a day we hand out candy to kids and tell them, press your way towards getting good grades in school and be kind to others, as you listen to the teacher. National kids holiday

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