Honoring-Spring-As-A-Family-family-riiding-bicycle-in-outdoorsAs we move into spring, you’ll see families on picnics, children playing outside, and a general sense of happiness emerging. This time of year marks the vernal equinox, when day becomes balanced between equal amounts of light and darkness. It’s an excellent time to spend time outdoors.

As parents, we enjoy watching our children develop their personalities, talents and abilities. One thing I like to foster in my children is a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature. The vernal equinox is a perfect opportunity to talk with them about the wonders of earth.

Spending time with your kids creates opportunities to discuss balance, by digging together in the dirt and planting flowers and creating ways to help children understand all kinds of growth—including their own. You can take walks in the sunshine during the day and point out the moon at night. You can discuss the presence of the light and the dark and the joy that comes from finishing an old season and from starting a new day.

Regardless of our stage or station in life, we can all look at the vernal equinox as an opportunity for balance and growth. To see more ideas to celebrate Spring, see these sites:

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