Balancing our own life goals with our supporting roles

Today, I’m responding to a question from a reader about how to honor our own priorities and do what we need and want to in our lives, while also supporting the needs of others who rely on us:

The top three takeaways from this video are:

1. “Honoring your priorities” doesn’t mean you’re selfish and only focus on yourself. To the contrary, it means you realize what gives your life meaning and commit to bringing those highest visions to life. Often, that’s being of service to others in ways that fulfill your life’s Intentions.

2. If you’ve given everything up for others – you feel you have to do everything for those around you – and have lost yourself in the process, you’re honoring the wrong priority.

3. Don’t mistake utter selflessness and depleting your mind, body and spirit for the sake of others as generosity or good parenting.

Are you feeling stuck between your needs and wants, and the needs of others? How do you handle it?

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Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an international career and personal success coach, writer, speaker and leadership developer dedicated to the advancement of women worldwide. Considered a “brave up” expert for professionals, Kathy is the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough,  and Founder of Ellia Communications, Inc., the Amazing Career Project and Amazing Career™ Coach Certification training.  Kathy is also a Forbes, Huffington Post and LinkedIn contributor, TEDx speaker, and top media source on careers, women at work, leadership, success and personal growth, For more info, visit and connect with Kathy on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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