It’s almost Father’s Day! As a special thank you to all the great dads out there, we’ve put together a feel-good gift guide. Show your dad how grateful you are for everything he’s done for you with a gift that’s good for his head and his heart.


oil-diffuserEssential Oil Diffuser

For the always working dad:

If your dad is perpetually surrounded by a whirlwind of work, he probably forgets the importance of deep breathing. As engrossing as his work may be, remind him to slow down with an essential oil diffuser for his office. As soon as he gets a whiff of powerful, calming lavender, he’ll remember to check in for a moment of self-reflection.


towel-rackFreestanding Towel Warmer

For the early riser dad:

Few things feel better on a cool morning than a warm towel after a shower. Get your dad a towel warmer to warm him up and soothe his tension. He can even throw his socks on this stand for some toasty toes on his way to work.


shoulder-massageNeck and Shoulder Sport Massager with Heat

For the ball of stress dad:

Get this neck and shoulder sport massager to counteract tension, fatigue, soreness and stress. Multiple massage rhythms will release and start to heal tightness and strain. The optional heat amplifies this massager’s benefits.


buddha-boardBuddha Board

For the good-with-his-hands dad:

This erasable palette is intended to improve mindfulness, creativity and relaxation. Use the included brush with water, and draw on the Buddha Board to create temporary art. Eventually the “painting” fades away as the water evaporates. But the ever-changing nature of this exercise lays the foundation for a healthy meditation practice.


speaker-waterproofPortable, Wireless and Water Resistant Speaker

For the earworm dad:

Give your dad the gift of music that knows no bounds. With a wireless and water resistant speaker, your dad can listen to whatever he likes wherever he likes. Cue up 80s glam rock or talk radio on this device with Bluetooth, and let him listen while he’s exercising, showering or working in his workshop.


sleep-maskEye Mask with Memory Foam

For the night owl dad:

Sleep is one of the most important elements that contributes to our wellbeing. Make sure Dad gets enough of it with this eye mask. It’s soft, pliable and therapeutic, with memory foam infused with charcoal, green tea and seed oil. The mask will help Dad sleep by blocking out light and offering a gentle, soothing pressure.


deep-tissue-rollerDeep Tissue Grid Foam Roller

For the physical activity junkie dad:

Foam rollers are great for rolling out sore muscles. If your dad is always running around, get him this grid foam roller. With its pressure point layout, this foam roller is perfect for getting deeper into his tight muscles. It can also make stretching and exercise more efficient, and improve circulation.

Consider your dad’s favorite activities and specific areas where he needs to unwind when you shop for him this Father’s Day. With the suggestions above, perhaps you can help Dad find a way to rewire his passions to balance them with a deeper sense of relaxation.

Rose Caiola

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