I recently had the privilege of attending the 4th Annual Beyond Conference in New York City. Influential figures from all around the world participated, sharing stories about the work they do and what inspires them.

I was fortunate enough to sit down and talk to the speakers one on one. It’s incredible to meet people who have turned their passions into careers, many of whom have overcome adversity to get where they are. And best of all, they are giving back and empowering others to do the same.

Here are the quotes that resonated most with me:

“One day it hit me: I realized the only way I’m going to succeed is changing my mindset. It’s about being okay with rejection, understanding why you were rejected and modifying that; then the momentum begins.”

—Captain Barrington Irving, Pilot and Educator

“The single biggest problem in the world is the gap between the good intentions that all of us have and the action that we actually take every day. If all of us could close that gap of what we dream and what we actually do, then the world will be a better place.”

—Ami Dar, Founder and Executive Director of Idealist.org

“Many people don’t realize the way we move and the way we carry ourselves relates to our emotional state. I’ve seen the Feldenkrais Method lead to tremendous emotional change for people.”

—Joshua Wolk, Senior Staff Practitioner at the Feldenkrais Institute of New York

“Israel has inspired me since I was a grad student. It has changed my perception. After speaking at different events around the world, I’ve seen that when we tell a positive story, people stand up and want to help.”

—Seth Siegel, Author, Let There Be Water

“When you are in the empowering business, it can’t be about you. We need to have a conversation about making entrepreneurship accessible to all.”

—Guy Spigelman, CEO of PresenTense Israel

“I consider myself a culinary game changer. Looking through the West-African lens, you can see who has influenced the world. I pull from my heritage and show people there is more than cookie cutter styles of food.”

—Chef Joseph “JJ” Johnson, Executive Chef, The Cecil Restaurant

After these conversations, I’m inspired to see the world from new perspectives. Even more, I’m motivated to act, based on that inspiration, to make use of my own passions and help people improve their lives.

Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.” In doing so, let’s consider how we can change the face of the world.

Rose Caiola

Inspired. Rewired.

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