How To Fall Asleep Faster

Gratitude is one of the easiest ways to let go of negativity and gain happiness. —Rose Caiola

Mental exercises help build new brain cells and strengthen the connections between them, which is why here at Rewire Me we find it beneficial to challenge the brain with new activities every week. This week’s mental workout is about learning how to fall asleep faster. Surprisingly, it’s what you do during the day that effects your rest at night.

What To Do

Identify one negative thought that is keeping you up. It could be feeling unhappy with your job or disappointed that the house isn’t tidy. Match that thought with a positive reflection that instead focuses on what you are blessed with: “I am grateful that I have a stable job” or “I am grateful that I have a safe and comfortable home.” Continue to feel deep thanks for a few moments and observe your worries melting away as you appreciate all that you have.

​Why To Do It

In his book Thanks!: How the New Science of Gratitude Can Make You Happier, Dr. Robert A. Emmons explains that an attitude of gratitude is scientifically proven to make people happier. In his study, participants were found to be 25 percent happier after expressing their thankfulness consistently for ten weeks. Repeatedly focusing on something positive produced a positive ripple effect in their lives. Gratitude is a natural state of bliss, and living in a state of bliss just might be the thing you need to help you fall asleep faster.


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