Decorated to honor the Divine Feminine, the room at ABC Home’s Deepak Homebase filled quickly with a crowd of women eager to hear Christiane Northrup, MD speak about her new book, Goddesses Never Age (Hay House).

In a refreshingly relatable and humorous way, Dr. Northrup, during her candid interview with Eve Ensler, shared the truth about getting older and how women need to embrace aging, rather than fight it. Procedures and pills are not the answer. It’s about tapping into our vitality, that natural force which is readily available to all of us.

While Dr. Northrup discussed sensuality and connecting to the Divine force, there was one line that particularly stood out to me: “The healing field for shame is honor.” When I heard that, it was like a light went off—one of those “aha” moments when something just clicks. It is only when we truly honor ourselves—our emotions our bodies, and our spirits—that we can be happy and healthy.

Goddesses Never Age

In the elegant space, Dr. Northrup led a group breathing exercise to demonstrate how to access this force. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple yet powerful it was. As if Dr. Northrup could read our minds, afterwards she said: “Yes, it really is that easy.”

If there was one thing I took away from last night, there is no need to dread getting older because we have so much influence on how we age. Realize that despite what society tells you, your later years can actually be the best years of your life. This means we stop comparing who we are now to our 20-something selves, and cherish the healthy, strong women we’ve become. The secret to true beauty and “agelessness” is remaining joyful and light on the inside.

Can’t wait to read her book and learn more!

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.

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