Move from the ‘can’t’ of the altered ego state into the possibilities that the soul is ready to embark upon.

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It’s important to know that you probably won’t be able to teleport yourself into the next galaxy when you are not a very high consciousness being. It’s equally important to know that you won’t be a brain surgeon unless you specifically intended to be one in this life. The steps given here are for moving from the ‘can’t’ of the altered ego state into the possibilities that the soul is always ready and willing to embark upon.

1. Identify the source of the can’t.

Do you know that the worst thing that you ever did was conjure the word and the feeling and   the experience of the word ‘can’t’?’ ~ Julius

As soon as you hear yourself saying ‘can’t’, ask yourself ‘why not?’. Is it fear of what others will say that has you retracting into a limited space when you want to move into more expansiveness? Is it your own fear that you’re not good enough, deserving, worthy etc.? Does it seem too far-fetched to ever seem a possibility for you, let alone a probability?

When you get to the root of it, just shining the light of awareness on it starts creating a shift and it is this awareness that gives you clarity on the way forward. A lack of clarity is the first initial block to solving any issue.

We want you to stop feeling that you can’t do something and know that there is a way.” ~ Julius

2. Get inspired by others.

There are going to be people out there for whom your can’t is a can. Look around you, not for comparison and competition, but for the inspiration they can provide because if they can do it, so can you. The same power and magnificence that resides in them resides in you. Their capability and resourcefulness is yours for the taking, the only difference is they will experience theirs in their own unique way just as you will. Then you may well become the inspiration for others.

3. Nurture the open and imaginative mind.

It makes you flexible, curious, good at spotting opportunities and turning potential into reality. You are ready to step into uncharted territory (for you) because you are no longer confined by the altered ego mind. Your acceptance of what is possible is at a high and it is your acceptance that is key for manifesting your dreams.

4. Move past judgment.

This is the biggie that affects every aspect of you and your life.

You limit your miracles here on this earth through judgment.” ~ Julius

The core essence of can’t is judgment—judgment of self, of an idea being impossible, of a particular action being too difficult or certain circumstances being out of reach. It is judgment that keeps you in the altered ego state, it is non-judgment that finally brings you in alignment with your soul. Turning this master key unlocks all your potential and manifests those miracles.

Moving past the can’t to the can is the journey of the soul getting back to its true essence and splendour. It is marked by discovery, courage and fulfilment, growth and fascinated “Aha” moments. For those who embark on it with firm intention, it always delivers on its promise of higher and higher consciousness and unalloyed joy!

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