Reflecting on my changing friendships over the years, I realized how life changes can throw you out of sync with one another. It’s easy to bond with other mothers and fathers over play dates, sports games and the shared experiences that come with parenting and marriage. But what happens when our kids go off to college or one of us relocates or gets divorced? Suddenly, all the things that connected us are no longer there, creating a distance we can’t seem to fix. Unfortunately, loneliness is a sad reality for many people in their 50s and 60s.

As a solution, Blogger Margaret Manning came up with Boomerly, a free messaging site that aims to connect like-minded people whether they are looking to find friends, roommates or travel buddies. When I came across this article, my first thought was how refreshing it was to see a matchmaking site designed for friendships rather than romance.

Part of the problem, Manning explains, is that people make up excuses that range from being too busy to having a victim mentality, and simply give up. If you’re feeling lonely, Manning advocates taking a positive approach and reaching out to others.

“Boomerly challenges you to stop blaming the world and to change your mindset,” she says.

We all seek meaningful relationships in our lives, and I think it’s wonderful to see people putting their energy into finding friendships and making deep connections. May it continue!


Rose Caiola
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