Specific steps to boost your brain power

We’re all typically willing to invest in our greatest resources for success. That’s why we should take the time to invest in our minds, making sure it stays clear and focused. Knowing how important this is, it’s easy to prioritize taking care of our mental state without guilt or uncertainty. Let’s remind ourselves that doing a collection of relatively simple actions each day can transform our lives. By maintaining these habits, tasks that may have seemed overwhelming and intimidating now feel doable and challenging in a positive way.

If you follow these six steps, we believe you’ll find, as we do, that your ability to focus and think clearly will grow significantly:

Eat brain food

flowers superfoodThe health of our mind is directly affected by what we eat. Nutrition is a powerful tool in achieving greater mental control. For example, the fatty acid Omega-3, the B vitamin family, magnesium and antioxidants are all profoundly important to the health of the brain. Other great brain foods include salmon, dark greens, blueberries, dark chocolate, nuts, eggs and avocado.

Daily exercise

Exercise is crucial for your ability to concentrate with a clear head. When I say exercise, do you picture a grueling run or heavy rowing machine? Exercise does not have to be intense to “count.” Your brain receives the benefits of additional blood flow and hormones that you need to stay alert, even with a twenty-minute, brisk walk. In fact, walking has been found to be an incredible asset for a sharp mind.

Whatever you can fit into your daily life will work – swimming, running, weight-lifting, yoga, dancing – take your pick. Your brain will appreciate it.


When the book, The Japanese Art of Reorganizing and Decluttering, by Marie Condo became a best-seller, it wasn’t too surprising. We are all looking for ways to create more meaningful lives with less to distract us. Clutter is not only distracting but can create long-term, low-level anxiety. To rid your desk, your room, your office of clutter is to send a message of calm directly to your brain.

A small, daily practice of decluttering can be an effective way to minimize. For five minutes at a set point in the day, remove, recycle or throw away anything you spot that is not bringing you joy or is unnecessary. This can do the job of decluttering over time or maintain a large decluttering job that you have already done.


Even if you’ve already gotten rid of the excess in your life, to become mentally organized, it helps to be physically organized. Not all organization has to look the same, either. Fancy folders and color-coded boxes may be the ticket for some, but might not work for you.

Luckily, there are now many options for organization. You can use one of the apps for creating new habits to help with your organizing. Choose the oldest system we have and buy a lovely pen and new notebook to keep track of your to-do list. Scan your files and download them or place them in a drawer – however you do it, it has to work for you. Once your life is in order, it will be much easier to stay clear and focused.

Create a peaceful space

Relaxing with tea and candles for a better sleepSomewhere in your home there should be a space just for you. This space feels safe, cozy and peaceful. You feel your body relaxing when you move toward it. Your mind follows in relaxation. This could simply be a cozy chair with a stack of books, and a low light or candles. It could be your bath, which you draw exactly the way you like it. Whatever the space is, try to spend time there every day. It’s one more way to ensure your mind has checkpoints where there’s time to regain stillness and let go of residual stress.

Create the state of flow

The state of flow is when your mind is receptive, entirely aware of the present moment and in a deep state of being. Through meditation, we can rewire our brains to achieve this state. A regular practice of meditation is important if we hope to strengthen our minds. Even five minutes a day can begin to change your experience of life.

By making these lifestyle changes, you will gain more focus and clearer thoughts as you move forward.

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  • Catherine
    Posted September 14, 2018 6:24 am 0Likes

    I’ve been taking Cellvamp supplement for about 2 full weeks now and I definitely feel an improvement with my clarity and ability to focus. I’m currently taking 2 pills a day. My new job requires a lot of hours and these allow me to stay sharp all day.

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