By Amy Johnson

The human brain is a pretty incredible organ, as far as organs go.

It is a remarkable, complex piece of machinery.

And, it is a physical thing we can touch, observe and understand. Although we now know that it can change throughout life, it is still somewhat fixed, already formed, and bound by certain physical-world limitations.

It’s about as intricate and remarkable as any physical thing on earth is, and it is a physical thing on earth.

There is another aspect of life—another side of us—beyond our physicality. It’s a part that’s so often “overlooked” because we can’t see it with our eyes at all. It is what comes before the physical. It is the formless, spiritual energy that creates and powers everything that has ever been formed in the physical world.

That formless, spiritual energy is not already fixed, formed or bound by limitations. It is unlimited, pure potential. It is pure love.

If your brain had a power cord, it would plug into this unlimited potential I’m pointing toward. Everything would plug into that source. That source is where everything was born, and to where everything returns.

That spiritual energy is the one thing that never changes. While your brain and other organs evolve and age, and while what your brain produces—thought, feeling, sensory experience—is always ebbing and flowing, the formless spiritual energy that powers and creates all things is constant and unwavering.

It is packed full of creativity and promise. It can create anything. It has created everything. It makes way for new ideas, new thoughts, and bursts of creative genius. It has given you every change of heart you’ve ever had, every hunch you’ve followed, and every dream you’ve pursued.

Those things come through your brain, but they aren’t exactly of your brain, just like blood pumps through your heart and air passes through your lungs, but blood and air aren’t of the heart or lungs.

In other words, million dollar ideas and changes of heart become manifest through you, but don’t come from you.

There is a bigger, more profound, loving, and limitless place to look beyond the brain. Rather than stopping at the machine, let’s look at what powers the machine.

The brain is fascinating, but please don’t stop there.

Psychology is fascinating, but please don’t stop there. All 400+ fields of psychology focus on what is already formed. Psychology focuses on the thoughts, feelings, or behavior we see, all of which are in the past by the time we get around to analyzing them.

When we look beyond the fleeting, ever-changing form to the unchanging, stable energy behind it, we’re focused on potential rather than problems.

It’s so easy to focus on what is already formed, right in front of us, and get caught up in the details—the pesky habit, your troubled relationship, your anger problem, that you don’t believe in yourself enough. Those are the things humans grapple with. They are the things we analyze in all 400+ fields of psychology.

Unfortunately, analyzing those details doesn’t always deliver the freedom we’re looking for.

Transcending those details delivers that freedom.

We transcend when we look at the constants in life rather than the momentary form. We transcend when we look to the formless; what makes it possible to even have brains and emotions and problems.

I get that this is vague. I’m pointing you toward an invisible “place” that isn’t actually a place at all.

Some of you will hear something very peaceful and profound in this and others of you will not. It is perfectly okay if you hear nothing right now. (You can always come back in a month or a year and see if you hear something peaceful and profound then.)

What we’re looking at isn’t something you can dissect in a lab or put on your shelf in a jar of formaldehyde, so it’s easy to overlook in that way. But in it, you can see life unfold.

It’s very much worth a look.

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