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Hi everyone, Waldo here! First of all, I want to say how excited I am to be a part of the Rewire Me community. After Waldo’s Wisdom was introduced last week, the phone has been ringing off the hook with the puparazzi inquiring about my first article.

There’s been a great deal of buzz lately about doga and I wanted to weigh in. For those of you who are unfamiliar, doga – yoga with your dog – combines massage and meditation with gentle stretching for dogs and their owners.

Let me start by saying that while I’m certainly of fan of going for walks with Rose and playing in the park, I’m always open to new ways to stay healthy and fit. I’m not a young pup anymore, and yoga is great for preventing injuries and aiding in muscle repair. Plus, it’s great for socializing; it’s nice catching up with dogs in the neighborhood.

“Don’t know how she does it, yoga makes me wanna nap.” -Waldo

1. Strengthens the connection between you and your dog

Dr Karen B London explains that how you spend time together is essential. “A relationship is about being with one another and sharing experiences, so time spent together strengthens it, especially if you spend that time in enjoyable ways.”

2. Helps relieve pain and heal injured or older dogs

If you have a dog recovering from an injury, or has canine arthritis, hip dysplasia or other pain-related problems, doga practitioners claim that the gentle stretches and exercises can relieve muscle tension and pain. Also, doga can help your dog re-build strength caused by an injury or because of old age.

3. Reduces anxiety and lowers stress in both you and your dog

Did you know dogs can pick up on your energy? This means that when you become calm and relaxed, your dog does too.


Poses You and Your Dog Can Try Today

The Dog Daily has an excellent list of doga poses for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Heart-to-hound Mudra

This is a great pose to start with. Meditating in the beginning will create a synergy between dog and owner. Place one hand on your heart and the other on your dog’s heart. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes.


For this pose, have your dog lay on its stomach while you stroke its back.



Puppy Paw Mudra

Have your dog lie on its stomach with its front legs extended outward. Kneel behind your dog, placing your head on its back while holding its front legs outward with your arms. Then turn your head to one side.



This pose involves your dog sitting on its hind legs while you hold it from behind and raise its front paws in the air.





For this pose, have your dog lie on its back while you stroke its belly.



Are you ready to turn your dog into a dogi? Take your dog to a class near you!

East Yoga
New York City

Bideawee Animal Shelter
Long Island & NYC

Arizona Yoga
Scottsdale, Ariz.

Barking Buddha Doga
Seattle, Wash.

Doga Dog
Jacksonville Beach, Fla.

For Your K9
Melrose Park, IL.

Another fun fact about me: I like to tell jokes. Because life is too short to be serious all the time. Here’s one:

Why does Waldo always wear stripes? Because he doesn’t want to be spotted.

Until next time!

Your favorite furry friend,


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  • Elizabeth M.
    Posted April 30, 2017 5:48 pm 0Likes

    I love what Waldo has to say. I am going through a very, very painful time. I have severe arthritis in both knees which makes walking Carlie extremely difficult, if not impossible. She is about 30 lbs.and a real puller. I can’t afford a dog walker though a few friends take her out when they can. She was an abused rescue and since I never had kids she gets all my love. If we were separated both of us would be truly miserable. Since her adoption over 3 years ago we are bonded physically and spiritually. I am able to work less and less. Disability barely covers my rent and electricity. I wonder how I will feed her the good food that keeps her healthy. Sorry for putting all my problems out there. I have noticed she seems depressed at times which breaks my heart. Perhaps yoga with her will make her feel better, though I can’t do all poses due to my knees. Again, I am sorry to tell my sad story. We send you all many blessings. Elizabeth & Carlie the beagle

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