Use Art To Work Through Challenges

Art is more than pretty pictures. Looking at and appreciating art can be therapeutic,
helping us process and cope with life’s challenges, both big and small. Research shows that
art boosts positive emotions and reduces feelings of guilt, fear and anger. —Rose Caiola


What To Do

With pen and notebook, take a walk through a local museum and find one work of art that seems to reflect what you’re feeling in the moment. Examine the colors and forms, and think about what feelings the artist might be trying to evoke or capture. Write down what you see and what you feel the work of art is saying to you about your current feelings. Then, after you’re done writing, take a moment to just sit again with the work of art. You can also silently thank the artist for his or her understanding.

​Why To Do It

Connecting with yourself through art means feeling in alignment with your highest self. It empowers you to feel capable, strong, loving and compassionate. It’s a sense of knowingness and wisdom that is completely unique to you. It’s so easy to go through the ins and outs of life and forget some of the important things. So instead of feeling disconnected, focus on things that you can do to get back in touch with yourself.

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