“Let’s raise our glasses to the health benefits of red wine (to drink in moderation of course). Cheers!”

-Rose Caiola

3 Things You Should Know

The end of a long busy day can have you feeling frazzled. You work a full time job and take care of a demanding family that you love dearly. With everything that modern life throws your way, sometimes you just need to relax. That’s when many people reach for that long awaited bottle of wine. Simply hearing the gentle pop of the cork coming out of the wine bottle can bring a sense of relief. Why does wine allow us to decompress with just a few sips? It’s quite common to unwind with a glass or two of red wine. It can even be healthy for you if you don’t overdo it by drinking the entire bottle on a daily basis.

Here are three things you should know about that daily glass of red wine that will probably make you feel a little better. Even Benjamin Franklin expounded on the benefits of this amazing elixir saying, “Wine is constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.” So be your own health hero and drink up – in moderation, of course.

Promotes a Long Healthy Life

A Finnish study in 2007 found that those who drank wine regularly lived a longer life than those who didn’t. This study was published in Food and Wine Magazine, and also said that wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than those who drank other form of alcohol, such as beer or whiskey. Plus wine helps us have better mental and physical health according to the University of Helsinki. They studied 2600 people about their lifestyle habits, and came to the conclusion that the ones who drank wine were about 12 percent happier than those who didn’t. Their self esteem was boosted in the process too! That’s powerful proof that a positive mental outlook can contribute to longevity.

Lowers The Risk Of Heart Disease

The Mayo Clinic has explored extensively why red wine is good for the body. One of the biggest reasons is because it decreases the risk of heart disease and heart attacks in general. The antioxidants in wine reduce the HDL cholesterol levels, and unlock the arteries of the heart. That keeps things clear and pumping well around your heart well into your later years. Resveratrol is one of the polyphenols in red wine that is responsible for preventing damage to the blood vessels around the cardiac area. Red wine has more of these benefits than other types of wine, such as white and rose. Of course you could explore taking resveratrol supplements, but isn’t a glass of red wine sipped slowly at the end of the day much more fun?

Reduces Inflammation

That same presence of resveratrol in red wine can also reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation in general can create many different problems throughout the body, so by drinking a daily glass of red wine, it might help counteract those effects. Components of the red wine can also help a variety of serious illnesses, such as arthritis and diseases that attack the auto-immune systems in the body.

When you pair that glass of red wine with a healthy dinner, it’s actually a beneficial way to end the day. Here’s an extensive listing of recipes that all pair wonderfully with red wine for a healthy dinner meal. They focus on natural organic ingredients that are high in fiber and protein to keep you fuller and satisfied longer. Try the Tomato and Basil Risotto which is made with gluten free rice, spinach, and loads of tomatoes. Or try the Acorn Squash with Tomato Basil Soup with a side of Kale Chips. Each recipe offers a filling way to supplement a glass of wine with a meal that is healthy and loaded with vitamins and minerals.


This article originally appeared on AskDrNandi.com and is republished here with permission.

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