Simple tips to stay on your fitness and nutrition routine

Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, it’s time to enjoy summer in full force. This means spending more time outdoors, travel, BBQs, trips to the beach or lake, and cookouts. It also means that you’re probably out and about more, making thte temptation to drink and eat unhealthily that much harder. Fear not: there are plenty of alternatives and tips to stay fit and healthy this summer, no matter how tempting that greasy burger looks.

1. Stay hydrated

The most important tip during the summer is to stay hydrated. While we sweat, we lose tons of fluids and water, so that means you need to sometimes double your water intake. And when you do imbibe in a cocktail or two, make sure to drink a tall glass of water after each drink to avoid becoming dehydrated or hungover the next day. In general, at least three liters of water is recommended daily for adults. But you should add to that when you sweat outside.


Bring your own food. When attending cookouts and BBQs, offer to bring a couple of side dishes. This can include healthy and delicious watermelon, organic grilled chicken skewers, or a hummus or Mediterranean dish. If you’re stuck with burgers and chips, that’s what you’ll probably eat. Stay ahead of the game and be the friend who brings the healthy and delicious treats.

3. Drink mindfully

We’re not saying don’t drink. But when you do, make healthy choices. As a rule of thumb, the clearer the liquid the better, such as vodka and gin. Heavier drinks such as whisky or dark beers are heavier on the body. Sugary cocktails and margaritas are not only unhealthy and full or calories, but they will make you dehydrated quicker, making headaches very common the next day. When you do imbibe in a libation, opt for light beers, or a clear alcohol without sugar.

4. Workout in the morning

If you have a day trip to the beach ahead or a weekend in the mountains, make sure to stick to your workout routine, getting up a bit early if necessary. Once you’ve completed your workout in the morning, you’ve gotten it out of the way and are free to enjoy the day’s activities. Also, you’re more likely to make healthier food choices throughout the day after all the hard work you did. Not to mention, you’ll feel great while spending time with your friends or family.

5. Incorporate the outdoors into your workout routine

If you are on vacation at the lake or the beach, make exercising fun and change up your workout by using the resources you have available. Running on the beach, for example, allows you to burn 30 percent more calories because your body is working hard on the sand. Do yoga on the beach or in the mountains, go for a bike ride, go kayaking, try surfing or do laps in the lake. Every time you introduce your body to a new exercise, you are working different muscles and escaping any plateaus, allowing your muscles to build while burning calories.

6. Have healthy snacks on hand

In the summertime, you may spend more time driving kids around, going to the pool and travelling. Be sure to never leave the house without healthy snacks to avoid eating French fries with your kids, friends or partner. Some tasty options include apple slices with almond butter, vegetables and hummus or homemade chicken salad.

7. Detox

When you do drink alcohol, gently detox the next day with warm lemon water in the morning, charcoal lemonade or hot yoga – you can just go outside! Incorporating twists into your home yoga practice will gently massage your internal digestive organs, speeding up the process.

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