Even if you’re not a religious person, you can appreciate the meaning of Easter and the tradition of the Easter Egg. Regardless of your beliefs, it’s a beautiful thing: the idea that death doesn’t always mean the end and even the cracking of the Easter Egg symbolises rebirth.

In Christianity, there’s the idea that Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected. Acknowledging the fact that life that has been lost sometimes does return is something that can be healing and inspiring for us all.

In the natural world, the fact that Easter arrives in spring reminds us of the circle of life in the plant and animal kingdoms—how new life springs up from loss each year.

I’m also thinking about what it’s like when you receive a medical diagnosis or an assessment of your mental health or any piece of news that makes you feel like you’ve lost something: a physical capability or the functioning of an organ, or even your peace of mind. Easter is a time for remembering the truth: all is not necessarily lost.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a physical or mental disorder, Easter is a good time to speak up and claim what you need to feel whole. You can rise above your diagnosis by educating yourself and those around you. We now have the benefit of awareness campaigns and high profile ambassadors and treatments.

We also have the power of gratitude for the capabilities we do have, and a willingness to learn more about healthy options and coping strategies—including therapy. We are working toward eliminating the stigma of illness of any kind, and it’s important that we do that together.

This Easter, allow your spirit to be lifted up, to rise in such a way to create awe and to inspire wonder. We can work together to eliminate stigmas, to value those around us, and to elevate our conversations about mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. As our world becomes more inclusive of different kinds of people with all kinds of challenges, we would do well to remember that there is death, yes. There is loss, certainly, and there is life, too—the coming of new life in a new way. Let’s help each other rise.

Rose Caiola

Inspired. Rewired.

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