Top natural products with a spiritual essence

Used for centuries for their healing properties, crystal-infused beauty products are a new way to enhance your skin regimen. If the idea of combining natural products and a sense of the spiritual sounds appealing, these ideas may be calling your name:

Crystal massage

Similar to acupuncture or cupping, this ritual is amazing for relaxation and meditative repose. Take healing stones like rose quartz and aquamarine and place them on your face or body. You can warm them up beforehand, but be careful they aren’t too hot when you place them on your tender skin. As with cupping, placing stones where you have muscular points of stress will help release built up energy and release tension.

Jade roller

The product is simple: a rolling jade stone – available in beautiful hues of that lovely green – on a handle. You move it over your face in upward sweeping motions. The roller is said to improve blood circulation, skin tone and tightness. When stored in the refrigerator, it’s even more effective at brightening and tightening. Jade rollers promote lymphatic drainage, especially around and underneath the jaw area.  

Crystal-infused skin oil

Skin oils are popular for removing makeup and moisturizing without causing breakouts. You can make a crystal-infused skin oil by adding crystal-infused water. Place your selected crystals in a glass bowl and cover the gems with filtered water. Set the bowl in direct sunlight and leave it to soak for twenty-four hours.

Mix some of the crystal-infused water with your choice of oils such as almond oil or sandalwood oil. You can use this as a mist – putting it into a simple pump spray bottle – or as a moisturizer to pat on with your fingertips.

It’s the perfect product to use while rolling the jade roller over your face, morning or night. This balancing mixture will moisturize dry skin while bringing you a sense of calm.

crystals and pearls for body and soul

Crystal bath bombs

Crystal bath bombs are the perfect combination of relaxation and natural beautifying. As you toss the bath bomb in your hot water, chunks of crystals rose quartz or clear quartz begin to dissolve. Your soaking tub will be steeped with other popular ingredients such as pink Himalayan sea salt and rosebuds. This soothing bath provides a delicious scent and a wonderful opportunity for self-care.

Malachite-infused facial cleanser

Crystal-infused facial cleansers often contain malachite, known for its emotional cleansing powers. As a skin treatment, the beautiful, green crystal is added to natural-based cleansers for a soothing and deeply cleansing nighttime routine.

Pearl skin creams

Pearl is a beautiful white crystal that is turned into a powder and added to skin creams for serious brightening power. It releases trace minerals into your blood stream for healthy skin. Crystals, especially pearl, refract light and add a special glow to your skin.

Crystal soaps

Crystal soap bars are absolutely gorgeous. They have deep cleansing properties, and once they soap is gone, there is a stone at the center of the soap. With the nearly endless variety of shapes, stones and scents, you can choose the one with properties to suit your skin and soul.

crystal soap

Tourmaline crystals

The crystal tourmaline is known to work magic on oily skin. Skin moisturizers and cleansers that contain tourmaline are ideal for those of you with oily patches or just plain oily skin. Moisturize without fearing a breakout.

Skin scrubber

Made with hunks and chunks or just glittering shards of crystal, skin scrubs polish away dead skin. The result is glowing, smooth and incredibly soft skin. Commonly used crystals for scrubs are garnet, rose quartz and amethyst.

Crystal deodorant

Crystal deodorants contain mineral salt products used to purify water. These create a protective barrier against the skin, and against bacteria that causes odor. Crystal deodorant is natural and a wonderful alternative to products with aluminum chloralhydrate, aluminum zirconium, phthalates and parabens. Note: as you switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant, your body may take up to two weeks to adjust to the new ingredients.

Using crystals in facial creams, soaps and scrubs is a soothing way to explore the potential beauty power of these gorgeous gems. Crystals can be used in numerous ways to combine the power of beauty and healing. Try wrapping your wrist in this stunning crystal bracelet and feel the positive energy.

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