7 daily habits for gut health

There’s no denying that the way we eat is essential to our overall health. The problem is that so many of us are focused on counting calories, trying the latest fad diets and losing those extra ten pounds that we lose sight of what’s really important: eating healthy not only look good, but to feel good.

So, when it comes to developing healthy eating habits, where do we start? In The Complete Gut Health Cookbook, celebrity chef Pete Evans explains that good health starts in the gut. Research shows a balanced digestive system lowers the risk of developing inflammatory diseases such as anxiety, depression, diabetes, etc.

The book contains more than just healthy and delicious recipes; it’s a step-by-step guide to leading a healthier life. Evans breaks down the basics: the digestion process, how to heal your gut and a four-week meal plan to restore your gut health. Written from a relatable and personal perspective, he reveals what he has learned on his health journey in the hopes that it will inspire and motivate others.

Science has come a long way in keeping us informed about our gut. When it comes to improving our gut health, the good news is that it’s never too late to start. Making a few simple lifestyle changes can make a major difference.

Here, from the book, are seven daily habits that Pete Evans highly recommends:

  1. Quiet time. Quiet time energizes us and enables us to function more efficiently and with more enjoyment. Pick the quiet time that sings to you—meditation, gentle walking in nature, chi gong, tai chi, gentle yoga, deep-breathing practices. Aim for 10 minutes daily. If you do 20 or 30 minutes, fantastic!
  1. Drink good-quality filtered and remineralised water. As well as removing undesirable substances, most water filters remove the good stuff too—including minerals that act as electrolytes to facilitate water absorption. Remineralised water is filtered water with the beneficial minerals added back in.

Remember, you are made up of about 75 percent water, and need water for nearly all your body functions—for example to make enzymes and digestive acids to carry nutrients into cells and toxins out buy zithromax online. Drink 64 fluid ounces (8 cups) per day, or ½ fluid ounce per pound of body weight.

Start each day with a glass of warm water, mixed with the juice of ½ lemon and a tiny pinch of “dirty” sea salt (sea salt that is a bit grayish in color, damp in texture and high in minerals)

  1. Chew your food, chew your smoothies, swish your liquids. It’s amazing how something this simple can transform your digestion. Aim for twenty chews per mouthful.
  1. Eat in a calm state and a calm environment so that you’re in rest-and-digest mode.
  1. Move. Our bodily systems, including our digestion, work like pumps. Movement helps these pumps to function.

Activities that twist, bend and stretch the abdomen are particularly great for facilitating the pumping of the digestive system. If you’re fatigued or chronically ill, keep in mind you may need to keep your movement gentle and avoid anything high-intensity.

  1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night. This allows for tissue repair and replacement, and for healthy hormone and neurotransmitter production. The rhythm and flow of a good night’s sleep every night will greatly help the rhythm and flow of your digestion and bowel habits.
  1. Write down what brings you joy without the need for another person. Whatever it is that lifts your spirit, brings a sparkle to your eye or makes you talk really fast! Then schedule a joy time at least once a week.


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Reprinted from The Complete Gut Health Cookbook Copyright © Pete Evans 2016 by Pete Evans with Helen Padarin. Published by Weldon Owen, Inc., a division of Bonnier Publishing USA.



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