“Remember that every small contribution adds up. The more people who commit to going green and practicing a sustainable lifestyle, the greater the positive impact will be.”

-Rose Caiola

You made the switch to organic food. You exercise daily. You even have a favorite green juice recipe. Now it’s time to graduate to the next level of green living. Take the plunge by giving your vanity and medicine chest a complete overhaul, swapping out conventional skin care products for these eco-friendly alternatives.

  1. Body Lotion ­– Light, unscented, this natural body lotion is packed with rich botanical emollients to soothe and soften even sensitive skin while providing 100 percent of your skin’s necessary, daily hydration. It contains high quality, natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea, chamomile extracts and antioxidants to nourish and replenish skin on contact.
  1. Hand SoapJust in time for flu season, stay clean and green by avoiding soaps that contain triclosan, triclocarban or fragrance.  This hand soap uses high quality ingredients, such as olive oil, aloe vera and vitamins A and E to hydrate and replenish precious lost moisture with every application.
  1. Face LotionAs of today, not one study proves that repeated and prolonged use of parabens is safe. Yet this low-cost, synthetic preservative is so prevalent in popular face lotion brands that it’s hard to avoid – unless you know where to go for a safer alternative. One of our paraben-free faves contains fruit stem cell complex, resveratrol CoQ10, super antioxidants that boost dermal vitality and ultra-sheer SPF 18 to provide daily protection from the sun’s rays and the effects of aging.
  1. Body WashMost body washes contain synthetic compounds, such as parabens, sulfates and triclosan, that multiple studies have been linked to cancer. If you find any of them lurking in your favorite product’s ingredients we recommend switching to this safer alternative. This wash is non-GMO, contains no parabens, lauryl or lauretha sulfate, propylene glycol, polysorbates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, dyes or any other unidentifiable junk that you would never want to apply to your skin. It’s pure and simple stuff, as your soap should be!

If you’re ready to rid your shower and bathroom drawers of chemicals that harm your body and the Earth, these clean, green products can provide you a fresh start.


This article originally appeared on Lucky Blog and is republished here with permission.

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