Our Teeth Are Getting More Care Than Our BrainsI was really struck by my dear friend Krishna Pendyala’s recent article on Mindful Choices this week. After visiting his mother who suffers with Alzheimer’s disease, he had a huge insight:

If we can spend two minutes on dental hygiene twice a day, why can’t we spend the same amount of time on our mental hygiene?

He goes on to say:

Simply engaging in any form of contemplative practice for a few minutes a day will prove to be extremely beneficial to your overall well-being. What we need is a similar force that promotes dental hygiene to also highlight the importance of mental hygiene and its amazing benefits in so many areas of our lives.

Our obsession seems to be with doing more, not being more. Make the right choice—please take the time to care for your mind and your teeth. I am positive that it will pay huge dividends for years and years.

There are so many articles on Rewire Me about keeping our minds in shape. After reading Krishna’s piece, I’m going to go back through them and see which ones I can put into practice. Here are just a few:

How about you? How can you make your mental hygiene a priority?



Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.

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