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What’s your passion in life? What fills you with joy? Personally, I’m dedicated to being the best mother and wife I can be. Professionally, I’m dedicated to helping Rewire Me grow and touching as many lives as possible. There are many definitions of happiness, but it all comes down to pursuing your life’s calling.

In Greg Voisen’s interview with BJ Gallagher, author of It’s Never Too Late to Be What You Might Have Been, they delve into discovering what your heart truly desires. Gallagher explains that it involves listening to yourself and your environment, and learning what your triggers are. To find what inspires you, she suggests visualizing what your ideal life would look like, practicing gratitude on a daily basis, and getting comfortable asking for what you want. Become attuned to what your heart and mind are trying to tell you.

Listening to this interview, I thought back to when I made the decision to start a new business I knew nothing about. My passion for mind/body wellness and my desire to provide a resource center for people led to the creation of Rewire Me. Having been through a transitional time in my own life, Gallagher’s advice really resonated with me.

In the wise words of Mastin Kipp from The Daily Love, “Your bliss and your purpose are the same thing.”


Rose Caiola
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