Is it possible for a 15-year-old boy to make an impact on how we think about climate change? Apparently yes. What I heard was: “I learned from my father that all life is sacred, he showed me that all living things are connected, we all draw light from the same earth, and we all drink from the same waters.”

When I heard the rest of this inspiring speech from environmental activist Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, I was incredibly moved and impressed not only by his knowledge, but even more so by his dedication and the youthful courage to speak his mind in front of a room of powerful world leaders. To be so young and conscious of life is truly admirable.

His interest in climate activism began at the age of six, and he’s been raising awareness ever since. Roske-Martinez is the youth director of Earth Guardians, an organization that works with young people around the world to protect our atmosphere.

He knows the environmental dangers we are facing first-hand. His family has experienced the damage of wildfires and floods; for Roske-Martinez, the problem isn’t pending—it’s here.

Negotiations for a conclusive and bonding climate recovery plan have been discussed for the past 20 years, and yet no agreements have been reached. The stakes are too high not to take action now, he says, because the decisions we make today to save our planet will impact future generations.

“It’s going to take united action from all of us to make a difference,” says Roske-Martinez.

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