“That’s why I started meditating—to envision the kind of life I could live. The way I could feel was so compelling I started looking for a way to make it real.”

—Sally Kempton


To outsiders looking in, Sally Kempton was living the dream—a successful journalist living in New York City. But over time, she began to sense something was missing. To get clear on what she wanted, Sally started to meditate. And what began as a way to gain clarity soon became a way of life.

When I interviewed the meditation teacher and author, I was not surprised to find that Sally’s accessible approach to meditation was a reflection of her positive outlook and confidence.

By practicing meditation, says Sally, we deepen our connection to ourselves and others. While cultivating greater compassion and love is a process, it’s important to remember that life develops through constant learning and evolving. When we define our lives based on discovery rather than achieving an end goal, it puts what matters most in perspective, making our lives exciting, richer and more rewarding.

Rose Caiola
Inspired. Rewired.


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