In celebration of Father’s Day, here are our favorite posts about dads from the last year:

Here I AmHere I Am, by Duane Stapp. A man who never knew his father vows to be there for his son.

What I Learned from My Dad About How to Win, by Michele Rosenthal. Along with the finer points of shooting marbles and playing Gin Rummy, a father teaches his daughter how to be the person she wants to be.

EncoreEncore: Music Connects Father and Son, by Ed Decker. As a father’s dementia robs him of ways to communicate, he and his son bond through the music they love.

Dear Old Dad, by Rose Caiola. How Rewire Me’s founder followed her father’s footsteps in business, taking his strength and other good qualities and making them her own.
Beyond Ties and Power Tools

Beyond Ties and Power Tools: What Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day, by Mary Traina. The best gift you can give your dad is to tell him to take the day and do what he wants to do—let him totally off the hook for thinking about others.

On Fathers Lost and Found, by Resa Alboher. Although much of her dad’s past remained a mystery to her, a daughter remembers the joy and lyricism he brought to life.

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