How to learn best in the age of information available everywhere


We are creatures of habit, but at the same time, we’re constantly learning new things. And there’s proof: every minute of our young lives our brains add 250,000 neurons, and our brains spend the subsequent years properly wiring them together. And as adults, contrary to popular belief, neurons grow and develop.

As a child – after the default programming shapes the basic structure of our brains – we learn from experiences in school. We internalize society’s knowledge and more structured learning patterns, such as studying. After this phase, we craft a personalized approach to learning.

And the last stage of learning is a bit more creative and catered toward the 21st century. With technology exploding, we need an accelerated form of learning. Let’s call this phase of learning: Learning 4.0.

  1. This form of learning takes not only the power of the brain but the body too. You also enlist your unconscious learning processes, adjusting your body to support you with positive brain waves, learning chemicals and maximum neural activity while you learn.
  2. You tap into your imagination – your dreams, creating virtual realities and desires to move toward a better future. Use your body to feel your way into this new reality, rather than trying to make it logical. This is the new paradigm.
  3. You learn how to decipher. With a million apps, articles, classes and workshops out there, you learn how to reject or accept what works for you. Getting quiet, slowing down and using your intuition helps with this process.
  4. This type of learning is ahead of the game. You hear the call before others. This helps you problem solve in a productive way that’s not reactionary.
  5. Rely on the Law of Attraction. Similar to above, when you realize you want to bring something to the world, you will find the right people, places and classes to get you there. Take one step at a time and only say “yes” when a situation feels right – even if it doesn’t make logical sense.
  6. Make a commitment. It’s so easy to get lost in a sea of information constantly being thrown at us. In order to achieve your goals and fulfill your vision, you have to hold that vision, and trust the process.


The new way of learning takes intuition, discernment and your whole body to fully immerse yourself. Create quiet time for yourself to get messages about what direction to go next.


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